Thursday, January 17, 2008

A cleaning I will go...

Okay, so not very creative, but I have been purging today. I had a large pile of garbage after I went through my stash of "to alter" items. I threw out anything that I have owned for 6 months or more and don't have any type of clear plan for.

My original plan today was to clean my studio and make it all nice and shiney. I always get eager to work when my space is tidy. Then, I chatted with my friend Wendy this afternoon and she told me she was going to go through her stuff and get rid of unused supplies today. I decided to just get rid of JUNK, not any supplies. My next plan is to go through my actual supplies and start selling them. I have way too much stuff and not enough room for it. I also forget what I have when I have so much crammed in a space. I need to have a better organization plan. I wish I had a HUGE studio and could spread all of my stuff out and have actual work stations. Then I would be so much more creative, I just know it! I am trying to talk dh into adding onto this room, but so far, he isn't going for it. I built this addition for ME back in 2000 and I told him that it was big enough. He wanted to make it twice this size and I was trying to save us money. Now, he just keeps telling me that he WANTED to make it bigger in the first place and now I have to suffer!! lol Someday I will have a larger space, I just know it!!

Okay, off to clean some more. I love cleaning!!

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Ramie :-) said...

Sounds like a lot of us are doing the same thing lately! I've got a pile in my office that has GOT to go soon. hope that your cleaning went well and that you are creating lots in your clean space!