Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Poll!

Okay, I just put up the new poll. In honor of my serious clean out, I decided to ask you all to describe your work spaces. Mine is chaotic right now, but it is going to be so much more organized when I am done. I have hauled out two large boxes to my dh's work dumpster and 2 garbage bags of things that I had in my 'to alter' pile. It is crazy. I just have been piling stuff in here and then I forget what I have. Even when I do remember something, I can't find it. That is changing now! I am feeling so good about this purge! Before you ask, I have not thrown out anything worthy of giving away or selling. If I have anything like that, I will offer it my friends. I am not crazy! lol
So, be sure to vote in the latest poll and tell me about your spaces. Remember, I have moved the poll to the top of the sidebar so it is easier to see for visitors.
Thanks everyone. I am back to work now!

Added on 2/3:
I thought I would tell you all about my workstation. I have a very small area. It is wonderful, but small. I am done reorganizing and purging and it is my favorite room again. I categorize my studio as creative chaos. It is normally very tidy and everything is put away neatly (especially now! lol), but when I am working, it is utter chaos. I have a good size work area, but after a short time of creating, I end up with a workspace that isn't any bigger than a card. lol I pull everything out, but am terrible about putting it away as I work. I get in a zone and can't stop! After I am done working for the day, I do put everything back, though. I can not begin working in a messy, cluttered area. I have to start fresh each time. Since I have spent 4 days cleaning up and reorganizing. I have made a resolution to put away as I work...within reason. I need to keep myself organized! I also am resolving to not buy anything that I don't have room for. Let's see how long that lasts!!!!


Laura Lou said...

This really isn't fair for me to even vote. I am in Florida for the winter so my 4-month workspace is a craft-table in the living room with a laptop and everything I need for digital creating. At home it is a little more creative-clutter, but still works for me.

Michelle said...

I love your polls. My space is a god-awful mess all the time. I don't think I could work any other way. I can see many of my choices and that inspires me. If I put it all away neatly, I think I'd forget I had most of it.

studio3d said...

I'm one of the organized ones, to begin with. However, when I'm working I bring lots of stuff to the work table and might work on 10 things at once. When all of them are done, I'll clean up and put everything back in its place so it's ready for the next session of play.

You can see a studio tour on my blog at here

Debbie D Dodd
Studio 3D

Sandra Evertson said...

All I know is its too small!
Sandra Evertson
Love your altered puzzle piece!

Signature Vintage said...

Creative chaos is me...totally!!! LOL

Jill Monroe said...

The nice thing about being a writer is that wherever I am - there's my workstation. I use my laptop while sitting on the couch. A notebook when I'm in the car...whatever.

NOW, the main desktop computer table - where I keep every scrap of paper I write and idea on - a total wreck.

Fun question!

I wonder if some of these more organized people will rub off on me!