Monday, March 24, 2008

Poll closed and New one started

Okay, so again, blogger wouldn't let me in on Saturday to edit my blog. Is it getting hacked or something? It is making me crazy. I could come look at my blog, but the poll wouldn't show up and I couldn't sign in. Very frustrating!!

The last poll about embellishments had 29 votes. "Whatever works with my piece of art" won by a landslide. The others just had a couple of votes and 'fibers/ribbons' had no votes. Now, that is kinda crazy to me. I see ribbons everywhere right now and nobody said that. lol But, those ribbon users must be the ones who use whatever works. lol Thanks for voting everyone!!

The new poll is a question sent to me by one of my dearest friends, Wendy Pettifer. She sent me a list of questions that are all fabulous, so there are plenty of polls ready in the wings. If you have any ideas, remember, send them to me and I will use them and give you full credit!!!

So, for this poll, Wendy and I would love to know what your ears are enjoying while you are creating masterpieces!!! Ready, Set, VOTE!!!!