Friday, April 04, 2008

My baby turned 9 today

My younger daughter, Shanyn turned 9 today. I was just sitting here realizing that this is the last year I will have a child in single digits. lol My girls have grown up so fast!! I don't know where the time goes. She woke up so happy this morning. Asked for a toaster struedel for breakfast and was so surprised when I put a candle in it!! lol Tonight, we will have tacos (her favorite but we get tired of hearing her ask for them!) for supper and mint chocolate pie that she chose. Tomorrow, she is having a roller skating party and we will do cake there. She can't wait to open her presents. I always torture my kids to a pile of presents when they wake up, but they can't open them until that evening. I am so mean, but it makes the excitement build for them.
Here she is last August with her big sister who just turned 12 last month.
Happy Birthday Shanyn!!!!