Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Poll closed and New one started

Well, last week's poll closed with 33 votes. I wasn't really surprised with the answers. Seems like most of us bloggers are the same.
The winners were "I blog when I have something to say" and "I visit other blogs daily" with "I visit blogs when a link is shared" at a VERY close 2nd. Thanks so much for voting in my polls each week. It is just for fun. I am not collecting data or anything. I just like to have something on my blog for people to participate in and see the final results. So, please come back each week and is good!!!!

Now, on to this week's poll. This poll is another question that my friend Wendy Pettifer sent to me. If anyone else wants to send my some questions, please feel free to do so! Wendy is the only one who has, so hers are getting used. I can always use questions and it is just for fun. You will get full credit for your poll ideas.
This week, Wendy and I would love to know where you get your inspiration from. Please vote and tell all of your artist friends about it too!!
Have a creatively wonderful day!