Friday, April 25, 2008

Springtime is a time for renewal

So, if you are wondering if you stumbled onto the wrong blog, you didn't!! lol I just felt the need for a change. I got tired of looking at the same blog day after day. I decided to take some 'me' time to do some 'housework'. I have wanted a custom banner for my blog for quite some time, but on the old template, a banner on the top looked stupid. I just played around tonight making a quick one to match my blog.
It is only temporary. I am going to get pictures of my two beautiful daughters 'daydreaming' just like the little girl in my favoritest vintage image in the world. I will replace her with my own little darlings when I get a day to photograph them.
I hope you like the new look here and if you have any suggestions for improvements, I am always open to them.
Have a creatively wonderful day and as always, thanks for coming to my blog!


Flo said...

Robin, I like your new banner! I think it will be super-sweet with your two darlings on it!