Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New look

Okay, so finally after fearing the unknown, I braved the html of my blog. lol I first saved the original coding so if I screwed it up royally, I had something to save my royal behind.
It wasn't too bad and I don't know alot of what I did. I mainly wanted to make my header larger. I hated that skinny little thing on the top, but I thought I had to stay in the set size that was in my template. Well, I delved into the html and found where I could set my own size for the header and spent the entire morning creating a new header. Not that I don't have a gazillion other things I 'should' be doing! It is very similar to the one I had, only alot bigger and I only used one girl this time. I decided that I really needed a robin on my header, so now I do!! I also replaced the flowers in the background with flourishes. I am happy with this one for now. But, I can see myself changing it out often because I get bored with things quickly.
Now...if only I could figure out how to make a different background or at least just put something on those barren sides of my blog!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderfully creative day!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Wow...look at you....GO ROBIN GO!!!! Next time I can whine to you about my blog and you can help me instead of Yvonne! Ha ha!

Nice job!


CarolD said...

Woohoo - good for you - You certainly should be happy with it -- i think it is lovely -- WELL DONE!!

I wish i was brave enough to alter mine.
Carol D