Monday, September 29, 2008

Puzzle Magnets revisited

I made this puzzle piece magnet awhile back and I never got around to sharing it. I used stamps from Art Declassified (which I LOVE) along with WorldWin Papers to make a magnet.
I just love making these. They are just so fun!! Enojy!

About my life right now...we ripped out the wall and fireplace this weekend. It was sad to see my beautiful fireplace come out. I kept thinking "what are we doing...this is the focal point of my living room!". But, after it came down and dh started finishing off the walls that were exposed, I started getting a little more excited. We have all of the walls finished on the upper half. All the trim is back on, etc. Tonight, we are going to finish the bottom half of the two walls with the cement board and I will decide how I want to paint it. Then, probably tomorrow, we are going to pour the floor that the woodstove will sit on. I was thinking of getting river rocks and doing the floor that way...not 100% sure yet. It is looking nice now. The woodstove we got is quite pretty and it has glass doors so I can still enjoy the fire. I guess it will become the new focal point!! lol So, that is life in the Willis house right now.


Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Robin!
Your blog brings such a smile to my face!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have won a blog award!!!!! Please visit my blog . . .