Thursday, October 16, 2008

New feature

I know, I has been a week since I posted on my blog. I swear I am not gone for good. I have just been doing alot of work in the art side of the room. I will have a few things to share in the next day or so.
But, I did want to tell you all that I have added a spot in my sidebar where you can click to follow my blog. I thought maybe it would be a nice feature for those that don't want to use a reader. I only have one follower right now (thank you!!) so if you want to make her feel less lonely and make me feel more loved....go ahead and follow me too!! lol
Just scroll down below my beautiful little girls and you will find the gadget.
Thanks so much for reading my blog and letting me know that I am not writing to myself. Stay tuned for some fun stuff soon!!!
Have a creatively wonderful day!