Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have an invader in my studio!!

My oldest daughter, Shelby has invaded my studio!! She got a taste of cardmaking and she is addicted!

She asked to join the challenge over at The Pink Elephant and I explained that since I co-owned it, she wouldn't be eligible to win a prize. She didn't care. She just wanted to try to make a card like I make. She has been a scrapper for a long time, but never made a card (other than the traditional 'fold a piece of paper in half and write on it' style). Needless to say, I am extremely proud of her very first card!!

She made this card on Thursday night after school. Here comes the addiction part....she came home from theater practice yesterday and said "I kinda feel like making another card". So, she made this:

She said she wanted to make it pink, white and red. Then, she got this sparkle in her eye and asked if she could please use that cool velvet paper I use sometimes. So...the red is Kashmir cloth and she thinks it is so cool. Her idea to punch the hearts out and I love that she put the one up at the top to add some interest. The only thing I help with is the ribbon tying. I was also cutting paper in the beginning because she was terrified of my guillotine cutters. I have taught her the proper safety of them and she isn't so scared now.

and guess what? She just asked if she could make another card!! lol She set up a new blog for her new hobby. You can find her here. Her other new addiction is watching her counter, hoping people comment and wishing for more followers!! lol So, all are welcome to visit her blog if you desire!!

Have a creatively wonderful day!


Ann said...

Oh you will so regret this Robin. I remember when my two girls joined in - I was so pleased but then they start to use papers that aren't really for using and gems and charms that you only bought to look at. Then it gets to the stage when you have to buy one for yourself and one for them!!!

Good luck with this.
Ann xxx

Rose-Anne said...

Please tell Shelby that i love her cards.As a high school teacher I fully reccommend this outlet as there are so many stresses at school and a creative outlet is a good idea.I give the students lessons on cards/scrapbooking every Thursday at lunch time.Keep on creating Shelby.

Carol said...

Shelby's cards are gorgeous are gonna need to watch your stash now for sure!!
Once they get hooked there's no stopping them!

carol x

Flo said...

Too cool! I posted a note on Shelby's blog, and added her to blogs that I follow! Hugs to all!