Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Pics

I thought I would share a couple of pictures of my girls all dressed up last night.

Shanyn is such a goofy girl. She found a nose that squeaked at the Halloween store and just HAD to be a clown this year. Funny part of the evening:

(driving in the car, halfway through the evening)
Me: Shanyn, what shoes did you wear tonight?
Shanyn: My clown shoes, what else?
Me: Those are shoe covers honey. What are you wearing under them?
Shanyn: um.....nothing, I thought they were regular shoes. No wonder it is so hard to walk!

I love her guts!

Here's a closeup that is quite boring. We had face paint, but it kept raining and she decided it would make a mess if she got it wet. Silly girl went to 90% of the houses forgetting to put her nose on too. It hung around her neck most of the night!

Then there is Shelby. She is entirely too cool to hang our with us on Halloween now. Makes me a bit sad....
She went to a friend's party last night and she totally made up her costume from mostly stuff on hand and bought a few accessories (eyelashes, tattoo).

She is wearing black boots too, but I didn't get a full body shot, I guess!! Oh and it is hard to see, but she DOES have shorts on under the shirt and on the pantyhose. lol They are black bicycle shorts, but they are there....she didn't go pantless as it appears. The shirt is actually a long shirt, almost like a short dress, but in this pic, you can't tell that. I didn't want you thinking I let my 13 1/2 yr old go out half naked!
Here's a shot of her face....

So, that's it for our Halloween. Nothing exciting....
But a couple of cute girls.


Scrappy Witch said...

These are sooo cool! I too love it when girls are willing to be silly and goofy! My 11 year old daughter Rio, will sometimes go to school in a purple shirt, black shorts, red and orange striped knee hight socks, half a pony tail, and a grey sweatshirt! I am like, "Honey, you look like the rainbow!" She says she doesn't care, she is warm and that is all she wants to be, if the other girls want to laugh so be it! Sorry you are a bit sad though...but I understand! I am sure at some point my 16 year old son will feel the same. But, I still have the 11 month old!


PaperCrafty said...

How fun!! The girls look great!! TFS

craft_princess said...

Great pictures and love the story about the shoes....LOL! I'm sure that is something I would have done too! :)

LORi said...

Too darn cute!!!