Thursday, November 15, 2007


Oh, the agony! Dh has been teasing me for over a month about what he is getting me for Christmas. I don't like not knowing everything. lol Well, this past weekend, he asked me if I would be upset if my gift wasn't under the tree on Christmas morning. I didn't know what he meant, but I said that I wouldn't be. He said, 'good because you will get it on Nov. 15th'. I have no clue in the world what I am getting, but he took the day off of work and he is here just loving that he has a secret that I don't know. Hopefully before long, I will know what my present is!

On the bright side, I did buy myself a new computer the other night. I will be getting it very soon. I found out that Dell still sells some computers with Windows XP. I am not ready to change to Vista yet, so this was great news. I quickly went and customized a computer and can't wait to get it!

Have a great day everyone. I am off to create some art!