Friday, January 11, 2008

Another non creative day....sigh

Well, yet another day went by where I didn't create. I think my muse got lost on New Year's Eve!! I certainly haven't seen her in 2008!
I was geared up to attempt some art this afternoon and then I realized that my girls only had a half day of school. My girls are definitely old enough to entertain themselves, but I can't just hide in my studio and leave them to themselves. One, that isn't fair to them and two, I can't create when two young girls are fighting over REALLY dumb things. lol

I need to get myself motivated again. I absolutely LOVE doing art and need to do it daily to be happy. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to create something. Maybe I need to get out a supply I haven't used in ages and spark some creativity!!

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with something fun to share.


WendyP said...

hey Robin, if you find your muse, can you send her over to my place to kick my muse's butt into action too.
hugs WendyP