Thursday, January 10, 2008

Miss me???


Well, once again, I was MIA. This totally wasn't my fault though! I swear it wasn't. On the first, my computer, AKA my best friend, got a nasty virus. I worked for quite a few hours trying to get rid of it. I was doing great, but when I realized I was going to have to manually remove it, I discovered a bigger problem. The virus had taken over my computer. It was navigating the trip. It denied me access to My Computer, Control Panel, etc. I had to give in and contact my local geek shop. I assumed since I had worked so hard to get rid of the virus, they would do the same. NOPE a week later and I finally got it back. But, with the virus programs sitting in my recycle bin. I would have thought that they would empty it!! Then, to be safe, I ran a virus scan online. The darn original virus infected program was STILL in my computer in my documents and settings. I got rid of it. I guess they were hoping I would have to bring it back and pay them more money to clean my computer. If I had to bring it back, they would have done it right AND given me some of my original payment back. They think if they are dealing with a woman, she must be naive. I hate that!!

Anyways, I haven't done much creating, but now that everything is settled in here, I can get into the swing of things again.

I did do some shopping this morning on Home Shopping Network. I just HAD to buy the new CropADile! It is called the Big Bite. It is all that my original CAD is, but BETTER. It has a 6" reach. Yippee!!! Now if they would just give us a punch (no setter) that works like the CAD but just has a very tiny hole. I need that for brads, stitching, etc. I may just contact them and request this!!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday. I am off to do some daily housework and then hopefully get back into my studio and create something!!