Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A productive day!

I did some creating yesterday. It felt so good! I would share with you, but I am submitting them all. I am playing around the new WorldWin Paper. It is called Ruche. It is absolutely gorgeous!! It is crinkled and yummy. It almost feels like fabric and it can take a beating! I am having alot of fun with it. I am actually working in here more today, so I may have something to share later!!

It is snowing here still. I shouldn't complain, it is just a light snow. But, I just wish that Mother Nature would make up her mind. Normally, here in the snow belt, we would have tons of snow. Up until yesterday, we hadn't had ANY since Christmas. Sounds nice, doesn't it? 50 degrees and no snow. The problem....it rained like crazy. We had a muddy, mucky mess to deal with. Plus, everyone keeps getting sick because you don't know how to dress. My girls came home one day complaining because I had them wear their winter coats and it was almost 60 degrees out. But, I have no idea what the weather will do while they are at school. It IS January and we ARE in NW PA!!! lol As long as the roads don't get slippery, I am fine. The girls want lots of snow because they want to go sledding. Normally, this time of year, they are out everyday. But, with the mud, it isn't much fun playing outside! lol

Hope everyone is creating wonderful pieces of art!