Monday, January 14, 2008

WORDLWIN Papers blog

Go check out the WWP blog today. They announced the winners of the Scavenger Hunt!!

Also, they have a guest designer this month that created some AWESOME art. Eli Perrson made some wonderful things to inspire you.

I am holed up in my studio today trying to create something. My muse has come back, but I can't find a stamp that I want to use. Do you ever have that happen? It is really frustrating me! I know that as soon as I settle for another one, this one will come up. It isn't in the drawer that it is supposed to live in and I don't know where it could have went. Two weeks ago, I was searching this whole room for a certain set of alphabet rub ons that I KNEW I had. I remembered buying them, but never used them. I was so angry. I searched and searched...dh came in and said he would help, but he hasn't a clue about my filing system. Obviously, neither do I!! lol I finally gave in and used something else even though I felt angry about it. Today, those $&*#%@ rub ons are sitting exactly where I would have put them! I am starting to think that my muse likes messing with me and keeps hiding things. lol

So, anyways, today it is snowy and yucky out, so I am going to create like crazy. I have to...I feel lost if I don't.
Have a creatively artsy day!