Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Poll!

Okay, the new poll is set up. Last week I had 55 votes!! WOOHOO! Let's see if we can beat that this week. Tell your friends.
I really would love to see what time of the day the majority likes to work. I work mostly during the day (before puppy that is...btw, her name is Jazmin) because it is quiet and I don't feel like I am taking time away from my family.

So when do YOU work??


the real ~Roxann~ said...

My creative MOJO usually hits in the late evening and keeps me up very often until 2, 3, 4 or 5am!!!! That's is my "normal" work schedule!

Roxann :)

WendyP said...

congrats (i think lol) on your new addition !!! Love to see a photo of the puppy when you get a chance, hugs

pinktomato said...

lol - as much as I love my family - i had to just leave them all at the dinner table after a long day with kids & snowday and work from home - i told them "...i'm going to my room, you are all are on your own!..."

pinktomato said...

and dang rox - here it is 7:00 pm and I'm ready to go crawl in bed - how do you do that?!?

Sue said...

Since I work from 4:30 A.M. to 4:30P.M., the evening is the ONLY time
I have to be creative. There are many evenings when I'm too tired to get much art done; but I try to do SOMETHING creative every day. Otherwise my Muse seems to dry up!
Sue S

KJ said...

Hi Robin! Just stopping in to say "Hello!" I have seen your photo all throughout the Giveaway posting. My hubby is from Reading, PA., so I it was fun to find out that you are from that neck of the woods.

May you win many treasures!

Pamela Martin said...

Hey Robin,
Found your blog not long ago and continue to participate in your polls - love them. Hope you will find time to visit on of my blogs - the one I am listing is my daily one(and leave a comment - let me know you were there):
Hopefully, you will add me to your list of favorite blogs.


You are so right about those sleepless nights with new pups, but it is all very worth it in the end!

Adriann said...

There seems to be a lot of night owls like myself.

Congratulations! You won the Little Ways To Say I Love You book.

email me your address and I will send you the book along with a few extra goodies.


Kate said...


You won the contest at Meanderings so can you send me your address. My email is katespin@yahoo.com.


Adriann said...

Hi Robin,

I was hoping you rec'd your package by now. I was able to send it regular mail. Please let me know if you rec'd your package or not. Thanks much for your time.