Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Poll!

Ok, the last poll closed about a week ago. I apologize for not posting the results and adding a new poll. But, for ONCE, it wasn't my fault. I haven't been able to get into my dashboard on blogger for over a week. It is still giving me issues, but hopefully it will work good enough for me to post the results, add the new poll, show you something I created over the weekend and maybe a little about my life lately.

First off, the last poll about your creative time ended with 32 votes. The winner was "whenever the mood strikes". But only one vote behind was 'evening'. The least amount voted for daytime, so I guess I am in the minority!! Thanks everyone for voting and I hope you will vote in my latest poll.

I want to know what your main form of art is. I do it all, but I consider myself a stamper above all. Although it is close with altered artist. lol

So, come on and vote. Tell your friends to come vote too!!