Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The puppy saga in the Willis house...

So, I told you a little about our new boxer puppy, Jazmin. We call her Jazz and some other names that I won't mention at times. She is 99% housebroke now. That other 1% is the fact that I still wouldn't trust her too much to run around without supervision. She is a sweet little (?) girl that loves us all to death. But, she is oh so bad! She chews on everything, beats up our other dog and the cats. She is so wild and rambunctious. She is about 18 lbs now and I am so scared of what my house and family will look like when she is full grown, but still having puppy power. She is laying here by my desk in her bed that is quickly getting too small for her, snoring away. I have seriously fell in love with this furball, even though I did NOT want another pet. lol
This is her the day we brought her home. I can't even remember now, but I think she weighed around 10 lbs. This was Feb. 9th at 8 weeks.

Now this is her on the 16th. She is 9 weeks old here. She loves her hoodie, but sadly she has outgrown it now. Everyone says she looks so sad in this picture, but it is her curious face. She wants to lick the camera everytime I get it out.

I need download the pictures I took of her today. She is so big compared to these pictures!


Gayle Page-Robak said...

What an absolutely adorable fur baby...such a sweetheart. Hard to believe she is so mischievous....sprinkle a very wee bit of cayenne pepper on whatever it is she likes to chew the most...it may deter her from the habit but it won't hurt her. I doubt she will like it.

WendyP said...

what a darling fur-child !! I am sure she will give you, John and the girls so much love and I can see she is already a very part of your family, hugs to you all