Friday, February 01, 2008

Reorganizing day two

Today, I am still working in my studio. I am trying to make some sense out of my hoarding illness. lol I got all of my unmounted stamps that were more recent purchases into cd cases. This is really sad, I found stamps I didn't know I had, stamps I bought this past summer, etc. When they aren't in the cases and all organized, I just don't use them. I actually filled 17 cases up! That is how many were just floating around in boxes and piles. That is terrible! My space is 6'x10' so there is very little room to move once you put cabinets, iris carts, desk, etc in here! I have almost completely depleted the wall space in here. My dh is going to be putting up a shelf in the last space tonight. He is so wonderful about doing that stuff for me. I can tell he thinks I have way too much stuff! Last night he actually suggested that I get rid of some of my magazines to create more space! GASP!!!!! He quickly took it back. lol
My girls are home from school today because of an ice storm. It is supposed to turn to blizzard later today. We are staying inside nice and snuggley with a roaring fire burning.
In the middle of all of this, I am trying to get some digital things done for an SSReflections challenge. So, I create a little, work a little, cater to children, create a little. That is my life as a multi-tasker!
Hope you are all having a creatively fun day!


The little witch said...

Hello. Thank you for participant on my blogg. I've just noticed a rather serious speling error in my entry that have now been corrected. It changes a lot. Please read the top of my post for new info. Forgive me. -_-

Naturegirl said...

I understand the ~hoarding ill-mess~
all to well!I must do something do we toss our magazines!!!!

Robin said...

Little Witch,
no worries at all about the spelling error. I guess I skimmed your post and didn't even realize you were giving the other book. I thought you said that you weren't. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

I am all done reorganizing and I purged ALOT. I actually went through my magazines and found quite a few that I had no interest in. Many computer and traditional crafting ones. They are now donated to my local Salvation Army. But, dh better never think I am getting rid of my stamping, altered art or fine art books!! lol