Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

Where nothing works out right. I have had the worst day ever today. The puppy is making my life crazy! Just when I thought she was being such a good girl, she turns on me! lol I guess I remember those days with my girls when they were toddlers too. The both would be so good and then BAM! the second I quit watching them, they would rub vaseline in each other's hair or dump an entire thing of baby powder throughout their rooms. I have days where I want to have another baby and then I remember those toddler days! rotfl Jazz is REALLY helping me remember them too!
Then, after a LONG morning of chasing a puppy, I decided to come in try to create something. I have a challenge deadline for SSR coming up very quickly, so I pulled out the stamps for that. I love the stamps and had ideas for all of them. BUT, I tried my first idea...crap. Tried my second idea with the same stamp...a little better, but still crap. lol Now, I am on my other two stamps. So far, everything is going right, but I hit a wall...what to do NOW? I am just not having a creative day at all. Normally, for our designer challenges, I like to do a few different projects to highlight the company's product we are using. At this rate, I will be lucky to crank out one ATC! lol
I decided to come to the computer and write a post. Then, I am going to go start supper in the crockpot and see if my muse is done messing with me!! I hate it when she doesn't give me the inspiration I so desperately need!
I hope everyone else is having a creatively wonderful day! Don't forget to vote in the poll to the left before it ends!!
Happy Stampin...