Thursday, March 06, 2008


I feel bad that I shared so many pictures of Jazz and haven't shared any of our other pooch, Sadie. She is a mini Australian Shephard. Sweet as can be, but oh so dumb sometimes! lol This is a picture that one of the girls took over the summer of her. Whenever I try to take pics of her, she rolls over on her back in submissive mode and looks stupid. I cannot get a decent picture of her to save my life. She acts as if John and I beat her or something. She just came to us so very timid. Crazy girl! She just turned 6 on New Year's Eve and we love her to death.
Jazz is almost as tall as her now, so she is definitely going to be overshadowed by her baby sister!!
I lied, I found another decent picture of her taken at Christmas this past year. I guess I caught her when she wasn't paying attention! lol

Notice her poor ears! She has prick ear so her ears stand straight up in the air. They didn't do that when we first got her, but the eventually got higher and higher. They are supposed to flip forward and be super cute, but instead the pop up when she is looking at anything interesting to her. lol When she was a puppy, John called her Fruit Bat, because she had that tiny little face and HUGE ears that stood up. She looked really funny. Now, it is normal looking to us, but others always comment on her ears and assume she isn't pure bred. She is, we just had a sneaky breeder. It is a hereditary condition and both of her parents have it. We found this out MUCH later. We were told that she glues her dogs' ears down when people come to look at her puppies. We weren't looking for a show dog or breedable dog, so it didn't matter, but I don't like dishonesty at all!! The only problem is that we can't register her. She is black and AKC doesn't recognize black aussies. She doesn't have enough brown or white to be tri color. So, we bought her knowing we could only register her with NSCR (National Stock Dog Registry). The problem, they require photos to ensure the dogs are perfect. She has those darn ears that make her unregisterable with a working dog. Her ears are always getting infections because they aren't protected like they should be...hence, she is not able to be a working dog.
Regardless, isn't she a pretty girl? I just love her and her hair is soooooooo soft and cuddly.
I will be sure to take pictures of her and Jazz together soon!! Need to catch them sleeping, I guess.


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