Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's Day!!

So, does anyone do crazy stuff on April 1st? I used to always make sure I at least called someone and played a prank on them. Now, not so much. I guess I am getting old and don't play games as much. I wish I could pull off one crazy prank today though. I may have to do something to my sweet, unsuspecting dh tonight when we are out and about. What can I do?? Might have to think about this for awhile this afternoon. lol

So, what is the craziest prank you ever pulled? I would love for you to leave a comment and tell me your story!!!


Cricket said...

hummm...no crazy pranks ever for me..how sad is that?! LOL

Good luck pulling something on your dh!


Laura Lou said...

It wasn't actually an April Fool's prank but Valentines while in college. I bought a whole series of semi-insulting, but not hurtful, valentines from the pharmacy where I worked. I put them on each friend's door and included one on my own. Everyone was guessed as the "perp" except me. No one ever knew until now.

JeanM said...

I kidnapped my bosses stuffed camel and sent a ransom note demanding jellybeans!! Even sent some rug lint and told her it was part of her camel. Funny thing is that was 17 years ago and she never guessed who dun it!
Oh she did pay up with a bag full of jelly beans in an unmarked brown paper bag!

Ape Maya said...

I am racking my brains but cannot think of one single really special prank. SO I'll tell you about the most recent one because I remember it. I pulled it yesterday.

Called my best friend yesterday and while chatting with her, on the spur of the moment (it was not something I planned to do), pretended to let slip that I was pregnant. I did not drag it on for too long because the poor thing was falling all over herself in excitement ...lol!

Kathy Eddy said...

I am so glad I stumbled on your blog today. I got your puzzle piece you sent me for my prize! It is so gorgeous!!! I love it! I huing it on my frig for now so everyone can see it. Thank you so much Robin!!! Kathy Eddy