Monday, April 28, 2008

Email woes

It is so quiet here at my computer lately. I am very sad...
My idiot server decided on Saturday that we were in need of an email upgrade for webmail. I don't use webmail and could care less how fancy it is. We got an email saying that between 2am and 6am on Saturday, they would be doing upgrading. Not a big deal at all. Well, it is Monday and the message I get when I call Hughesnet now says "we are sorry for the inconveniece, the upgrading has taken longer than anticipated. We hope it will be back to running normally within 12-24 HOURS". This was the message at 7 am this morning. I am getting sporadic emails and they are from Saturday. It is so quiet and boring and lonely without my emails. The saddest thing is that I also have two other mail accounts in my Outlook, but because the email servers are being worked on, they don't send very well either. It is hit and miss because they ultimately go through my mail isp server.
Does anyone feel sorry for me yet? lol
The worst thing is that a couple of the groups I belong to have had great conversations about fun things and I have totally missed those parties :(
So, what is a girl to do but try to stay away from the computer so I don't feel so down. I worked outside with dh yesterday because it was beautiful out. Then, all 4 of us went on a ride through the woods on our 4 wheelers. I also got alot of art done that I will share very soon. The only problem is that every so often, I am drawn to the computer to see if my email works doesn't. UGH
So, I am now going to go do some housework and probably create more art. My girls' ice cream social and book fair are tonight, so that will take my mind off my emails for a little while. It will be fun even though it is cold today and they are calling for SNOW and ice cream isn't that appealing when you are freezing to death!!
Okay, enough of my rambling and whining. I am going to go do something!
Have a creatively wonderful day!


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