Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Who doesn't love free stuff? I know I do. I joined 'Giveaway of the Day' recently. I added a tag to my sidebar that you can click on to join also. Or you can just check my blog each day to see what software they are giving away. They offer software for different applications. Sometimes, they are of no interest to me, but other days, they offer some really great programs. Normally you have to pay for them, but for one day only, you can get them for free. You have to download AND install the same day they are offered in order to use them for free, though. Once you download and install, you will get a registration code to register and have full use of your program forever. Today's offer is a business card maker.
Each day, my ticker will change and it will show what program they are offering and how many hours you have left to download and install the program.
I apologize if this sounds like a commercial. I don't work for this company, just thought I would give access to their giveaways in case anyone is interested.
BTW...still no emails for me :(
Have a great Tuesday!