Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Poll!

The last poll closed and the clear winner was Stamps...I love em all!! I kinda figured that would be the consensus since most stampers just love stamps in any shape or form. Such fun!!

The latest poll is one that came about by someone asking about stamping publications. I listed the first 4 that came to mind. If you have any favorites that are not listed, please post a comment and tell me about them. If they are not based in the US, please also include the country they are from. I really would like to know what is out there. It seems that so many great stamping magazines have went under and that saddens me. I hear comments about how stamping is a dying art and scrapbooking is taking over. But...if we are all still stamping and scrappers are stamping on their can stamping be a dying art?? We aren't going anywhere and we still want inspiration and to see our work and our fellow artists' work in print. We want to read about fun new techniques. Okay, again, I rambled. Sorry about that. Please vote in the latest poll, add a comment if you like other stamping mags and tell your friends to visit and vote too!!
Have a great day!!