Thursday, April 17, 2008

poll time!

The last poll closed with an obvious favorite. There was a couple of votes for every answer, but the majority went to 'all of the above' for your inspiration. Out of 28 votes, 20 were for that choice. It is nice to see that we get inspired from so many sources. I would hate to think that any artist is limiting themselves to just one inspirational avenue!

Okay, on to our next poll. I cleaned my studio again yesterday. I spent a good amount of time cutting up a few stamp sheets, organizing my mounted stamps and putting my new Technique Tuesday stamps in the three ring binder. BTW...all of my unmounted stamps live in cd cases in a tower, but when I saw that the TT stamps come on their own little acetate sheets that are prepunched for a binder, I got a thin binder to keep them in. I hate storing my normal unmounteds in binders because I can't find what I want or they are falling off the sheets, etc. So, CD cases are the way I normally go. off the point there for a second. I tend to do that even in normall conversations too. lol
So, the poll this week is to find out what the majority prefers in stamps. I have made the option to choose more than one in case you love two types, but not all three. So, ready, set, VOTE!!
And as always, tell your friends. The more the merrier!!!!!!


Mary S Hunt said...

I voted
your next poll can be about falling off the point in conversation
cause i follow by that as well...
i wonder if that might not be the norm amoung artists?

Anonymous said...

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