Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lots of work...but not much art :(

Are you wondering if I fell off the face of the earth? Well, I haven't, but I feel like I have. Spring is in the air and that means lots of outside work needing to be done. We spent the weekend just doing the normal yard work, taking down the Christmas lights from the highest parts of the house (in NW PA, you can't take down stuff like that with all the snow), maintenance on all of the stored vehicles (4 wheelers, lawnmowers, etc) and all kinds of other fun stuff. Dh erected my huge flagpole finally. I have wanted one for years and he put one up. I need to get some soil and flowers to fill the cement basin that he set around the outside of the pole and it will be complete.
Yesterday, dh took a half a personal day and we cleared brush off the back of our property. We are working our way from the edge of the woods in and are going to make a nice campsite/picnic area as a getaway place for our family. 20 acres of land...17 of it woods, we have alot of work to do. I bet we didn't clear a 1/2 acre yesterday, but we worked from noon until dark. I am exhausted and sunburned. Dh got a bit of sunpoisoning, I think. He is not feeling well today at all. Good news is that we got most of the edge done, so now we will be in the woods and not in direct sun for hours. The good thing about all of this is by clearing the overgrown, dead brush, the beautiful trees will be able to grow and thrive much better. It looks so nice from what I can see from my backdoor and it makes us want to do more and more and more. So for Earth Day, we made our part of the earth a bit more beautiful and made some trees very happy!! Did you do anything special for Earth Day?
As for art, I have gotten alot of things done over the past week, but nothing I can share. I have been working on some submission art and also art for my SSReflections June article.
Today, I am just going to do a bit of laundry and then work in my studio all day. Going to take it easy because it is supposed to rain and be icky today. I am looking forward to that so dh doesn't think we need to work outside today!! He is in no condition to do much anyways. But, the workaholic, stubborn man that he is wouldn't let him stay home today. I worry about him doing too much. He doesn't understand that he needs to take it easy sometimes...
Have a creatively wonderful day and I will share some art very soon!!