Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kinda happy, kinda sad

Well, today I took my oldest daughter Shelby (12) to the eye doctor. We have been so used to her wearing glasses since she was 3 yrs old. She has been begging to get contacts for quite some time. I was her age when I got mine, so it is hard for me to say that she is too young. I understand her desire to have them. I hated glasses and I still do. I don't like to go out in public wearing mine unless I have to. I did tell her that she had to discuss it with the doctor on her own. She wanted me to ask for her, but I felt that she needed to do it herself. I explained that it is just another way of being responsible. She did great. When the assistant asked if she was going to be getting new glasses, Shelby said "actually, I am interested in discussing the idea of contacts with the doctor". I was so proud of the way she she spoke and explained her situation!! Momma was bursting with pride! She got her trial contacts today. Thank goodness they teach her how to put them in and take them out. I have been wearing contacts for 22 yrs, but I still don't think I would have had the patience that they did. Her biggest problem is her eyelashes. They are super long like mine but twice as thick. She just couldn't seem to keep them out of the way. But, I told her with practice she will get it. Once she had them in, she was relieved and ready to go. Then, the girl said "okay, now take one out". Shoulda seen the look on that little girl's face. It was priceless. She did great, she is very happy and was very excited to return to school. Her friends were all stunned...they have never seen her without glasses on. I think it is just one more step in the "I'm growing up phase" of her life.
For the last few months, we have seen a big change in her. She acts so much more responsible. I love that because she has always been so scatterbrained. She has been showing me that she is growing up. That is the part that makes me sad. I remember bringing her home from the hospital, so tiny and helpless. My girls have always needed me and now, I am starting to see Shelby growing up and relying on me less and less all the time.
Next week, she is going to be going to cheerleading practices and then trying out for the JV Football cheerleading squad for her highschool. Where did time go?? My baby isn't a baby anymore. Both of my girls know though, that they will ALWAYS be my babies even if they are 50 yrs old. I just am having a really hard time letting them grow up. I miss the snuggly days (althought my 9 yr old, Shanyn still loves to snuggle!!) and the days before they had a life outside of Mommy and Daddy. Dh has been telling me for quite some time that I need to realize that they are growing up and are capable of doing more for themselves, etc. Let's see if he has that same feeling when they start dating!!! I kinda doubt he will. But, he is right. I don't need to treat them like they are 5. Shelby is becoming a young woman right before my eyes and I can either fight it or embrace it. I am choosing to embrace it and hope and pray that we have as good of a relationship through the teen years as we have had up until now. I love my little darlins so much!