Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dance Recital

My girls had their dance recital this past weekend. What fun, but such and exhausting weekend for us all.
Friday night, they came home from school and we had one hour to do costumes, makeup and hair and get out the door to get their dance pictures done. Of course, I am on my own to do two girls' hair and makeup because dh certainly can't do it! lol He told me I could use him as a gopher while I worked on them, so I did. I had him running around getting this and that, holding curls while I placed bobby pins, rolling costumes with lint roller (Shelby's was black velvet and every lint, pet hair and sparkly glitter stuck to it like made!!). We rushed to get the photos and I can't wait to get those back!!
Then, Saturday morning, up bright and early to do it all over again for the dress rehearsal. We didn't want to watch the dress rehearsal because we have been totally in the dark all year and the girls wanted us to be surprised at the recital. We did watch some of it, but didn't want their parts.
Then, Sunday, the big day, came and we did the hair and makeup one last time. Only this time there was even more glitter and sparkle to make them stage ready. I thought my girls were too sparkly until I got there and saw mothers actually spraying their 3 yr olds with hairspray and dumping glitter on them! Holy cow!! I did use the hairspray trick because the brush on body glitter was not staying on my girls, but I just brushed it lightly on them after a light spray. These others were dumping craft glitter on their kids like they were making powdered donuts. So funny!! Of course, once I left the girls in the cafeteria where they would wait for their number, they continued to glitter and add makeup with their friends. I took pictures before that because I knew they would overdo it. But, they did fine and looked wonderful on stage. I was a very proud momma because Shelby (12) used to have the looseness of a 2x4 and she was INCREDIBLE on Sunday. I had no idea that my punk had rhythm!! She was in the hip-hop/jazz class this year and they did their dance to two Lil' Mama songs (Lip Gloss & G-slide) Wonderful performance!! Then, Shanyn was a loosey goosey at the beginning of this year that looked like rubber when she danced. Perfection again. Their hip-hp/jazz class danced to Hannah Montana's Best of Both Worlds. Those little girls did an awesome job!! I was almost crying as I watched my babies do their routines flawlessy and with such confidence and stage presence. I was just the proudest mommy in the world on Sunday!!!
Do I have pictures? Well of course I do!!! Here are some taken in the dressing area. I didn't get good ones of them on stage, but I videotaped the whole thing and bought the professional dvd of the recital.
This of them together. Shanyn has a 'thing' about her sister touching her, so she came up with this pose so they wouldn't have to. I don't know why she doesn't want her to touch her. Usually little sisters are cuddly with big sisters, but not Shanyn! lol

This is Shanyn. She loved getting pretty for the recital!!

Finally, Shelby MINUS glasses. She is doing great with her contacts. She can put them in and take them out without me holding a mirror for her. So grown up she is!!


WendyP said...

my oh Robin !!!! the girls look so beautiful and grown up - brought tears to my eyes so I can imagine what watching them did for you and John !! thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics, hugs wendyp

CarolD said...

Robyn -- I love this post -- gorgeous photos and it certainly comes through just how proud a "mum" you are-- did you make the costumes as well-
Carol D

ybus said...

They look beautiful!


Sue said...

Beautiful! I remember when my girls had their dance recitals!! How quickly they grow!

Michelle said...

Holy crap! Is your husband ready with the (unloaded) shotgun to scare off the boys? They are both so beautiful!