Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day! (a day late)

We spent the day yesterday at my sister in law's house. It was a beautiful sunny day surrounded by family.

I thought I would share this photo I took yesterday of 4 generations of Willis men. It was the first opportunity I have had to have my FIL, husband, stepson and grandson all together. Dh was the only son, Cody is his only son and Stephen is Cody's only son. If history repeats itself....Stephen will remain the only son. lol It seems these Willis guys have a son with their firstborn and then have all daughters from there on.

From left: John (dh) holding Stephen, Cody (my stepson) and John (FIL)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday!!


Michelle said...

Robin, I think your dh and my dh could be brothers, right down to that tattoo. My hubby is a bit bigger, but wow, do they dress a lot alike!