Sunday, June 15, 2008

MIA in bloglandia....

I has been entirely too long since I posted on my blog. The heat here in NW Pennsylvania has been unbearable and I have avoided sitting in the studio too much. I don't like to sweat!! lol So, last week was spent mostly in the pool floating around with the girls. This coming week, we are getting a break from the heat, but unfortunately storms are predicted as well.
During this past week, in between pool sessions, I did get some things made. I have one thing that I will post as soon as it goes live on the WorldWin Paper blog. Today, I can share some inchies I made for Jackie at altered pages. If you want to get some awesome images for inchies, check out the collage sheets she offers or the mini inchie kit!! She doesn't have the inchie kit on the site just yet, but it is coming and at only $ can you go wrong?

So, I made 15 inchies using her inchie collage sheets. The first set of 4 of inchies actually use images from the sheets Schooldays and Adorable. The others all use the inchie sheets.


Michi, Orange County, CA said...

I totally LOVE your inchies, Robin!!! They are AWESOME!!!!!