Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun with Ruche

Today, there is a blog post at PaperCrazy (The Papermill Store/WorldWin Paper) blog of ways to color Ruche cardstock from WorldWin Papers. If you have never seen Ruche, you simply must get some. It is the yummiest, textured cardstock I have ever worked with. It is very much like wrinkled fabric. The feel of it is so wonderful. Even if you don't color Ruche, it comes in lots of wonderful colors for your projects.
I absolutely LOVE Ruche, but it doesn't come in enough colors for me. So, I experimented on different ways to custom color my white and black Ruche so I can use it in all of my projects.
Here is the card that I made with some Ruche that I colored in a different ways.

to get full instructions on how to make this card and for many ideas on coloring your own Ruche cardstock, please visit http://www.thepapermillstore.com/papercrazy/?p=335


Debby said...

OMG! This is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!

Sue said...

This is GORGEOUS, Robin!!! I have to see if I have any white or black Ruche!

Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh . . . GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS, Robin!!!! This is AWESOME!!!!!

silverrabbitstudio said...

Ok, I can blame it on you! Ruche paper, Luminart inks...OMG - I'm addicted! Bought some and took them to our little Stampin Up group (we meet monthly) - Everyone really liked them, although they are a bit challenged as to how to use them! Well I like them and love the white Ruche. I did a great card on my blog...www.silverrabbitstudio.blogspot.com. Love your leaf card, too! Congrats!
Pat Baker