Friday, August 22, 2008

Published in VSN

I am a cover girl in the Sept issue of Vamp Stamp News. It is so exciting for me!! Nancie at VSN makes the best publication for stamping in my humble opinion. Here is the card that was published:

My name was accidentally put down as Robin Williams instead of Willis, but it is still mine. I can't blame Nancie for doing that...people always mispeak or miswrite my name. I even did it for the first few months after I was married!! lol
So, thank you Nancie for publishing another one of my cards. It is always an honor to be in your wonderful magazine!!


Wanda H said...

Congrats, Robin!!! It's a beautiful card. I agree... Nancie and VSN are the best!

Yvonne said...



trisha too said...

VERY pretty card, congratulations!

shauna said...

That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you! I love VSN also, and to think she does it all by herself!! These slick mags have large staffs and huge budgets and Nancie's is the best! Your card is lovely! Autumn is my favorite season and your card exemplifies it perfectly!