Sunday, September 21, 2008

Winter Blues

No, I know it isn't winter yet...but living in NW Pennsylvania, fall means 'time to prepare for winter'. Well, we always have so much to do to get ready for winter. Drain the pool, do the last mow of the yard, put away outdoor toys and furniture, seal up the girl's playhouse (aka winter storage shed), put away all the pool stuff that is kept in an outside storage bin all summer, clean out dead plants from garden, clear away dead hanging baskets, winterize vehicles....oh the list seems endless. Of course we also always have to finish getting wood for the fireplace. Not too bad of a job, we really don't burn much wood in the fireplace. Well, yesterday dh had a 'brilliant' idea. With the outrageous price of fuel, he was concerned about staying warm this winter. I thought "uh oh, he wants MORE wood for the fireplace". Nope....he said the fireplace isn't a good source to heat our entire home and he is right. It keeps the chill off, but needs to burn in addition to the propane furnace. What was his idea? Well, he went and bought a woodstove that will heat our whole house and we will just have propane as a back up. Great....he is going to rip out my beautiful fireplace and the angled wall it is on and put a woodstove in. This is enough work on its own...but this also means cutting a whole lot more wood. It is free since we have over 15 acres of wooded land...but alot of work!!!! It isn't like there isn't already enough that needs done. Oh well, I guess I better suck it up, put on my work gloves and be a big girl about this! So, if I am even more scarce than usual, you will all know why....I am in the woods getting some heat!!! lol
Hope you all had a creatively wonderful weekend!!!


CarolD said...

WOW Robyn -- ididnt realize that you had such a large property and of course all the time and work that goes into it and you still do such beautiful artwork

But gorgeuos to have so much space to explore ---- hopefully ???

Carol D

CarolD said...

I forgot to say -- and to have to lose your beautiful fireplace --:-(

Carol D

trisha too said...

Fine, Robin, fine--you've definitely reminded me of what I SHOULD be doing, as opposed to what I'm ACTUALLY doing . . .