Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheer Coach's gift

My oldest daughter's last football game of the year is tomorrow night. She won't be cheering tomorrow because she injured her knee and developed bursitis in it. She is VERY sad! But, her sweet coach is going to let her sit with her in uniform and do some of the cheers that require very little movement. She won't be able to fly tomorrow and that makes her the saddest. She loves going into the air. lol
Anyways, we adore her cheer coach. She is a soft spoken lady, but stern when necessary. She has done alot for the girls this year and we wanted to show her some appreciation. But...I do not know her well enough to know what to buy her. So, Shelby and I had the idea to get her a candle and make it special just for her. So, I broke out my Silhouette and cut out the images. For the cheerleader, I cut out a blue and a gold. I used the gold for her skirt, hair tie and pom poms. I put slits all around the pom poms and just glued them in the center so I could 'puff' them a bit. I added Stickles to the edges of the megaphone and all of the gold parts. Layered it onto the pearlescent stripe paper that had the corners rounded to resemble a label. Cut circles for the lid and added the smaller cheerleader there in gold. I added Stickles to that as well. Tie ribbons around the neck of the jar and made a bow. All paper was WorldWin Papers.

Can you guess what her school colors are? lol


Elizabeth said...

These are wonderful Robin. What a good idea

Caroline said...

This is gorgeous! What a great idea!!

Susan Stringfellow said...

great gift idea! She will love it. And I really like your halloweeny blog

Nettie said...

this is lovely Robin! I think it will be well received. Hope the knee is better soon, what a shame.

WendyP said...

awesome gift- I am sure the coach will LOVE IT !!

Aussie Wendy said...

Robin that is lovely! She will love it. I love your blog skin too. Very cool. Makes me think I need to work on my own. :)