Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thoughts...

First off, I want to let everyone know that the coach loved her candle. She even said that vanilla is her favorite scent of candle, so I did good on all of it. lol
We did attend the game last the snow. It was so cold, I wanted to cry. At the end of the game, Shelby (who was in the stands beside coach and did 'butt cheering') told me that her knee was feeling great! I think it was because it was frozen from the extremely cold temperature!! lol

Okay, now on to my gripe of the day. As I was sorting my mail today and I realized something. In a world that is become eco friendly and everyone is encouraged to recycle and be more green...I got 12 campaign flyers today. A mixture of Republican and for me and one for John of each one. I think even though there are two voters in my home, we are capable of sharing these important (?) documents with each other so why send each one in duplicate?. It actually is beginning to sicken me that this occurs daily in our house. The majority of them are one bashing the other presidential candidate, with a few Congress ones tossed in for good measure. While I am trying to stay informed about the election and will do my American duty and vote for who I hope will make this country a better place...I am sick and tired of getting my mail. I opt in for paperless billing to cut down on unnecessary paper. And yet....these wealthy politicians are cutting down FORESTS to slam each other and fill my mailbox with wasted paper. I do not read them and I certainly don't need to read them in duplicate!
This is in no way something to start a political war. I am not dissing one party over the other and if you notice, I am not sharing who I am voting for. It is just that I am amazed at how the politicians and their campaign network people are showing very little regard to our environment. It seems to me that in this day and age, they would. I think maybe I should have started a tally a month or so ago. Kept track of how many Republican flyers I got and how many Democratic ones. Then, the party with the least amount of dead trees in the end would get my vote!! lol I just didn't realize that with less than a week to go, how bad it would really get.
Okay...I am done ranting. It just chaps my behind that my mailbox is overflowing with this wasted resource.
Have a creatively wonderful evening!!