Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween and a blog siting!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! I hope that you have something fun planned for today. I know my day will be like any other. Hurry to have supper early and then head out in the blistery cold night to take my excited girls (well one is excited) trick or treating. Shanyn is very excited. Shelby, is not so much. She had big plans to go to an all night skate party tonight with her friends. Since she hurt her knee (which is doing much better), I wouldn't be much of a mom if I sent her off to roller skate and risk reinjuring herself. She is upset, but understands. She just doesn't understand why she has to go out with her 'baby' sister...she is too old for this trick or treating stuff. lol She won't be complaining when she gets candy though.

As for my blog siting...this is just too cool for me. On the Paper Crazy blog, we have an awesome guest designer for November. Emilie Ahern has a very fun, whitty blog and she shares great stuff. She was browsing the Paper Crazy blog and saw a project of mine that apparently caught her eye. She posted in on her blog! How cool is that?? click here
I know, I am acting silly, but I found it very cool that she took the time to post my project and write a little about it. So, thank you Emilie!!! I am glad that you liked my project and inspired you a bit. Makes it all worthwhile for me!!
Have a creatively wonderful day!!


trisha too said...

that's not silly, it's very cool!!

Happy Halloween!