Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy November....Trick or Treat!!

Well, last night ended up being fun. After, of course, the 1 hr battle with Shelby because she did NOT want to go. I begged her to give me ONE more year and then she never has to go out again. I just wanted that last year or taking both of my girls out and having a fun night. Once she got dressed, she was happier and excited about going. So, we didn't take an ornery 12 yr old out with us. lol Time just flies by too quickly and my 'babies' are wanting to spend less and less time with us. I want to keep them little forever. :(
But, we had fun and they looked so cute. Shanyn was a hippie. She didn't want any face painting (I was going to put a peace sign or flower on her cheek) and the hat lasted just long enough for the pictures. Such a brat. lol Shanyn is a skinny little nothing and I have to laugh at the one picture of her. She looks like she has a little potbelly. So THAT is what my little girl would look like if she had some meat on her. lol!!!
She actually didn't love her costume because it was Shelby's 4 yrs ago. She was sure someone would comment on that. I told her she was silly and that this costume was cute and she would love it. It was the first time she had to wear a hand-me-down costume and she was acting ridiculous about it. She was happier when I let her wear a pair of my big peace sign earrings from high school. lol Sadly, we didn't get them in the picture. It was too cold to linger outside long.
Then, there was Shelby. My wish FINALLY came true with her. For the past few years, I have begged her to be an Air Force girl. I thought how cute it would be to actually wear a costume that had her last name on it (thanks to dad being in the Air Force for 12 yrs). She finally gave in this year and I was so happy!! We had to do a little cinch the waist and add a belt, roll up the pants and tuck them into my old Harley boots and roll the cuffs of the jacket. Her dad pointed out that her long hair and big earrings were not acceptable, but she wanted no part of putting her hair up or taking out her ridiculous hoops. He also was unhappy that we put a white tshirt on her instead of brown or black, but it was a COSTUME for goodness sake!! lol She thought it was SUPER cool when he got out his dog tags for her to wear.

So, thanks to dad and the US Air Force, Shelby had a great costume and she was in a good mood!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.
Have a creatively wonderful weekend!!


Nettie said...

Two beautiful girls you have there Robin! I'm sure they enjoyed themselves in the end;-)

Carol Johnston said...

Love the pics of your girls Robin. they are really growing up aren't they.

Elizabeth said...

Great photos Robin. My goodness your girls have grown up. It doesn't seem that long ago when you were talking about Kinder LOL. Big sisters are always wanting to get rid of little sisters as it's not 'cool' LOL It will change and they'll be best friends

Sue said...

The three oldest grandsons didn't go out this year. The oldest will be 15 tomorrow; he hasn't gone the last couple of years, and the next two oldest are 11 and 12. So we just had the 7, 8 and 9 year olds. It just doesn't seem the same!! I
told the 11 and 12 year old that they could still go this year; but
they stayed at dd's and played a Wii that she had rented. I don't know what I'll (grandma) will do
when they all get too old to go out any more?!! Love the girls' costumes and I'm so glad they both went yet this year!

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Great photos! Beautiful little girls too, Robin. :)

ybus said...

love the outfits!!!


WendyP said...

The girls look GREAT - glad everyone had a fun night in the end lol