Sunday, January 18, 2009

Organizational Sunday....

hah! Thought you were gonna get some good tips because of the title. Well, I have NONE. I am terrible at organization. Nothing ever seems to work for me. I try and try to make things easier to find and work with and it eventually ends up being a big ole mess again. So, today, I am organizing so I can get some work done in here. I simply can't work in this chaos any longer!! Any tips?
One thing I do have a tip for. It will help me and you (the commenter) out tremendously. If you post a comment to my blog, please check the box next to 'post follow up comments to your email'. This will allow me to answer any questions you have easily. I will just email you back. Otherwise, when your post comes to my email, I get no email address to answer you or thank you for your comments. I have no way to contact you unless I post a comment myself. And I doubt that you come back to the comments later to read them.
So, now you all know where I will be for the rest of the day. Trying to organize my studio AGAIN!! Wish me luck!!
Have a creatively wonderful day!


Sue said...

I think organizing and creating are opposing universes! LOL I have been working on organizing my scrapping (storage) room again TOO! One secret I have is to make sure I have a place for everything. It's when I get something new that is different and I don't have a spot already set up for that I get into trouble! I love it when I can go to a drawer or shelf and find something right away; but when I have to hunt for an item because it's one of a kind, it throws me off. I need to figure out a way to
store items that don't fit into my normal categories!! Good luck with your organization!

Cyndi - Dreams Unltd said...

Hey Robin! Just checking your blog cause I haven't visited in a while! Entered for your blog candy ATCs and just kept reading! When I read this post, I thought it was such a great idea, but when I got to the comment page I didn't find a "box next to 'post follow up comments to your email'." Am I missing something?? I'll leave my email here so you can email me back.... *LOL*

Cyndi - Dreams Unltd