Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My blog rocks! lol

Well, according to Rita it does! I am not going to argue with her. lol Seriously, she was so nice to honor me with this award. I really appreciate receiving it and I can't thank her enough!
I need to pass this award on to 5 other bloggers. So, I am going to give it to some very talented friends of mine....

is a wonderful friend. She is also a VERY talented artist. She draws the most amazing pictures that I tell her need to be stamps so I can buy them. Besides making fabulous cards, she custom paints plates and other things. You have to check out what she does!
creates such beautiful cards. You must check out how beautifully she uses flowers and lace in her work!
make stunning cards too. You just have to go check out the one she just posted today! It is amazing!
also makes absolutely wonderful cards!! I really love her style. She is also having a great blog candy giveaway right now. Better sign up for that when you visit her!
Is another amazing cardmaker. She has some great inspiration on her blog!! Plus, it is all decked out for Valentine's Day. I just love pretty blogs!


Ann said...

Thank you Robin for both the award and the amazing comments. They really brought a smile.

Ann xxx