Sunday, December 02, 2007

My early Christmas gift

I know that a few of you have been anxiously waiting to hear what my gift was from my wonderful husband. Sorry I haven't posted, but I have had 'issues' with the new computer and it is giving me a lot of fits. The issues also arise because of the new gift! lol Dh bought me a wireless internet system!! We live in a VERY rural area where dial up has been our only option. We could have gotten wireless through our satellite tv provider, but the equipment cost was ridiculous and the monthly cost is outrageous. He was discussing our dilemma with a coworker and this guy had recently researched for wireless for himself and found hughesnet. It is freakin awesome to have high speed internet!!!!! lol The only downfall is that I have a daily download limit so I have to be a little careful. If I want to download a tv show from itunes, I can do it between 3am and 6 am....that is free time. lol Not a big deal since I am up at 4 am most mornings!!
So, that is my gift. I absolutely love it and appreciate dh seeing that I do have a need for it and that I deserve it. I am just still trying to get all of our computers networked and running properly. It doesn't help when every few minutes, one of the girls is begging to play on the computer. lol