Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday card frenzy

Okay, not a frenzy, but I did make a couple of cards last week for birthdays.

This one was for my oldest daughter who turned 12 (gasp!) last Wednesday. I still can't believe she is less than a year away from being a teenager. be fair, she has acted like one for quite some time! I love her to pieces, but that girl can try my patience. lol She acts too much like me, I think!

This one was for Yvonne Busdeker, our WorldWin Paper design team coordinator. She just had a birthday this week. I decided to make her card in the theme for our projects this month. Using all green cardstock. Doesn't look all green, does it? Well, the blue strip of paper was colored with turqoise ink and the browns were all colored with chestnut. Since I used a light lime cardstock, I could easily color the elements with ink.


Frances at Hearts In Touch said...

Robin, your art is and always has beenn beautiful!

Frances Naeve